Moonstone is a type of gemstone that naturally occurs on Earth. See here for more information about its properties.

LD Stories

Moon Stone Necklace - Smurfs
CreatorMother Nature
PurposeReveals purity and strength in possessors
First Appearance"Blue is the Moon Stone" Season 2
UniverseLD Stories

This section will be undergoing changes upon further story development!

It is a smooth royal blue stone, which is known for its legendary power to reveal the purity and strength in any living creature. Despite its name, it does not come from the moon; it comes from the deepest depths of the ocean and may occasionally be swept up by the waves onto the shore. They are like diamonds because they are created through a process of applying increasing pressure in layers of mud deposits. However, they are ordinary stones until they are uncovered and surrounded by water, and then catch rays of the Blue moon.

Since their discovery by humans in the 4th Century, the stones have been dug up and applied in various ways for humans to enjoy: the most frequent usage is in the form of jewelry. Their popularity leads to demand, which leads to higher prices; they are often considered a symbol of high status.


During the Season 11 episode, "Blue is the Moon Stone," one of these stones is found by Lady Falla and serves as a symbol of her rise in the ranks by Story Two. More to come later!

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