"More Than A Village" is a song sung by Papa Smurf which is part of the soundtrack of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf novel. This is during the part in Papa Smurf's flashback when he becomes the adopted father of 97 young Smurflings.


Once we were just a village
Once they were just children
And once was I a father
Until fate took things away
And gave me more than I could ever hope for
More than I could ever wish for

I just wanted to be a father
I never wanted to be a leader
And I just want my son back in my life
But a hundred children need me
A hero they can look up to
Someone to guide them into tomorrow

And I did the best I could
With what little I could offer
Things were so rough at first
But then a miracle happened

And we became more than a village
We became a family
I became more than I hoped for
More than I have ever dreamed
They see me as the Great Smurf
Who can never let them down
And through the tears I finally see
I'm the father of a family

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