Oliver Fanfiction
OccupationHomnibus' servant
Known RelationsHomnibus (master)
Voice ActorYuri Lowenthal (Desired)

Johan IconComics Icon

"I'm just happy and pleased to be in service to somebody."

Oliver is a teenage servant of Homnibus the enchanter, who has interacted with the Smurfs since five years before Empath's final return from Psychelia. He often runs errands for his master, such as one time purchasing a bottle of lime stipules from the local merchant with Trader Smurf in tow when Homnibus needed to prepare a remedy to cure Papa Smurf from a laboratory accident involving sulfur that left him unconscious. It was from Oliver that Trader learned about the monetary system that humans use and thus was inspired to implement a similar system into Smurf society, which ultimately resulted in failure and rejection. The character's first known appearance is in the story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute".

His desired voice actor would be Yuri Lowenthal.

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