Party With Balloons
Party Smurf
Also Known AsFerris Smurf (birth name)
Festive Smurf
Reveler Smurf
Schtroumpf Fêteur (Schtroumpf translation)
NationalitySmurf Village, unknown clan
Marital StatusPresently single
ResidenceSmurf Village
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

Comics Icon

"We're gonna have a party!"

Ferris "Party" Smurf is a character is who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


He is a Smurf who loves to party and is always looking for the next party to be invited to. He can also be seen at various sporting events as the fan who shouts the loudest for his favorite team, usually appearing in a very loud and expressive manner as opposed to most of his fellow Smurfs. Empath personally feels that he identifies with Party Smurf, given that he has spent years living apart from his fellow Smurfs in Psychelia with hardly any form of festive celebrations. He is based on the comic book character Reveler Smurf.

Party's designated character song is "Where's The Party?" by Madonna.

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