"Peasant for a Day" is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 11, created by Numbuh 404. It is set to run between 8 - 10 minutes in length.

This episode is also directly in line with the LD Storyline leading up to Story Two.


Princess Savina wishes to celebrate her 16th birthday by going on an adventure with Peewit and Falla, but as usual, Dame Barbara will object. Desperate for her wish to come true, she finds a young peasant with an uncanny similarity to her appearance and convinces her to switch places for the day.

With help from her friends, Savina is able to enjoy herself and spend some long-overdue time with the Smurfs. Unfortunately, Dame Barbara is not as naive as she once thought, and develops suspicions over the young lady in Savina's place. Will the true princess be able to switch back with the peasant before Dame Barbara discovers the truth? How will they explain this situation to the King if all else fails?


Coming soon!




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