The Pool Of Souls is a hidden underground pool of water located somewhere in the Smurf Forest that appears in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It is purified water where the guardian spirits of deceased Smurfs rest and watch over those who swim across the waters on Redemption Day to judge their innocence, mostly regarding the taking of another being's life through callous neglect or murder. If a Smurf was judged innocent, he or she would swim across the pool unharmed. If a Smurf was judged guilty, however, he or she would end up drowning in the pool and become another guardian spirit of the pool, trapped there as a sort of purgatory for spirits that were deemed not worthy of either Elysium or Tartarus.

In "The Innocence Of A Smurf", during a Redemption Day that followed Empath's final return from Psychelia, Empath was judged guilty by the spirits of the Pool of Souls for taking the life of Polluxis Psyche during a training match and thus had drowned. However, the spirits of the pool saw that Empath's heart was pure in the matter in that there was no malice and that he did everything he could to prevent the loss of life, and so Empath was revived and allowed to live another year with his guilt cleansed.

In "Smurphony Of The Night", Empath used water from the Pool Of Souls to fight Lord Vladimir Smurfula, who was holding Smurfette captive inside Castle Smurfenstein.

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