Poppa Smurf
OccupationLeader of the Smurf Village in England
Marital StatusPossibly single
Known Relations98 little Smurfs (adopted sons)
1 Smurfette (adopted daughter)
ResidenceSmurf Village in England
First Appearance"The Snake Post"
UniverseGlovey Story

Poppa Smurf is a character in the Smurf Me Up series.

Background Information

He is the leader and father figure of the Smurfs in the English village. He is a wizard, though not the best. His experiments usually foil and always writes to his cousin for help and advice. He however triumphs in the end to keep his little ones safe. He was also responsible for changing the Smurfette Edgar Gamel sent into a real Smurf.


He is known for dressing in red pants and a red hat. He has a brown beard and brown mustache.

Voice Actor(s)Edit

His desired voice actor is unknown at the moment.

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