"We were so busy trying to smurf our way home, we had forgotten how much fun we smurfed along the way. It's a good thing we have the Imaginarium to smurf our memories, because I would have smurfed somebody to bring a camera along if I knew we were smurfing to be gone for this long."
- Papa Smurf

Shortly after Empath's recovery when the Smurfs had returned to the Smurf Village from their time-traveling trip, Empath was eager to resume his duties as the assistant counselor when he ran into two problems. First of all, his telekinetic abilites were not fully restored since he lost contact with his fellow Smurfs for over a year, so that left him without the ability to protect the village in case of any danger. The second problem was that Papa Smurf has turned over Empath's duties to Hefty because Papa Smurf had seen that Empath had gone through a lot in getting the other Smurfs back home that it would be best for him to take some time away from his duties to make sure he fully recovered. As Polaris was busy helping Empath retrain the abilities that he had lost during the journey, Empath found himself distracted by thoughts of Smurfette, which made it difficult for him to focus on his training. Empath found it hard to talk to Smurfette beyond merely greeting her since he was beginning to sense that Smurfette had lost interest in him during her travels through time with her fellow Smurfs. Smurfette was beginning to wonder why Empath was now only engaging in small talk with her and acting like that's all he wants to do with her. She asked Tapper what she should do, and he suggested that the two of them haven't been alone with each other in a year, that they should go somewhere private to talk. One night Smurfette invited Empath to go with her inside the Imaginarium, and inside Smurfette took him through a series of fantasy settings all based on the places they went to during the time-traveling, showing him all the things they had seen and done. Smurfette told Empath that there wasn't a place in time she visited that she ever stopped thinking of Empath, that she wished he was there with her during that journey. Sometime later, the Smurfs all decided to show Empath all the things they encountered in their time travels and have Empath share everything he experienced during his world journey by using the Imaginarium. After that, Empath and Smurfette decided they are going to stop hiding from each other if they are going to be serious about having a relationship together.

The following are images of what Empath would appear as in various points in time that the Smurfs had traveled to: