Empath Angry

"Salutations, Papa Smurf! This Smurf is pleased to be back in your presence!"

Psychelian is the standard speaking and writing language of the Psyches that appears in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf stories. In verbal communications, it is identical to the language that humans use. In written form, it uses a different set of glyphs and symbols than any of the languages the Smurfs use or have used. Empath is the only Smurf who is able to speak, read, and write in Psychelian. As the Smurf language is too difficult for him to speak without causing confusion, Psychelian is the only main language he uses in all his communications, as it gives Empath the greatest clarity of thought and precision. Sometime during his honeymoon, however, Empath had started speaking in Smurf rather fluently, which caused a temporary rift in his relationship with Polaris as they could no longer communicate with each other in the same language.

Common expressions used in Psychelian are:

  • Salutations, which is a standard form of greeting
  • Great Ancestors or By the Ancestors, which is used to express surprise. It is equivalent to the human expression "my God", since it refers to the Great Ancestors in the Psychelian belief system.
  • Day of emergence, used in place of birthday, since Psyches are not born but created by the Psyche Master
  • Minds-eye, their center of control for their telepathic and telekinetic abilities
  • Resting period means sleep
  • Dream space is where the Psyches enter a communal dream together through a technique called dream sharing
  • Mindlink is the collective consciousness of the Psyches that they are all part of as a community
  • Day of bondship is a ritual similar to a wedding, where two Psyches of the same sex are bonded for life
  • Lifemate is a same-sex partner to whom the Psyche is bonded to, though outside of Psychelia it can also refer to a marital partner of the opposite sex
  • Daily requirement or daily supplement is their daily serving of nutrient paste
  • Adjust one's behavior is an indication that a Psyche is being sent to the Psyche Master for corrective measures concerning his or her conduct, usually in the form of a painful mental probe
  • Farewell forever, which is used as a permanent form of goodbye, when it is likely the other person will not be seen again
  • Joining the Ancestors, which is death
  • Day of ascension also means death

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