Puppy Vic George
Also Known AsHomni-One (original name)
Rex (name given by Gerry Royeaux)
Known RelationsHomnibus (former owner)
The Smurfs (current owners)
ResidenceFormerly Homnibus' hovel outside Smurf Forest, now Smurf Village
Voice ActorDee Bradley Baker (Desired)
First AppearanceEMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf (novel)
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

Comics IconCartoon Icon

"They just don't make puppies like him anymore."

- Grandpa Smurf

Puppy is a dog owned and cared for by the Smurfs in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


He was originally Homnibus' dog who went by the name of Homni-One, and carried a special locket on his dog collar that contained the key to all magic. The locket is protected so that only one person is able to open it -- which turns out to be Baby Smurf -- while all others who try to open it will be zapped with a lightning bolt. Puppy is generally friendly towards all, but is very protective of the Smurfs and will refuse to let Gargamel or any evil person or entity get near them.

Puppy first came into the village at the same time that the Smurflings came in from Smurfling Island to look for Baby Smurf. At first Papa Smurf thought that Puppy had run away from his master Homnibus, but as it turned out, the human enchanter gave Puppy as a gift to the Smurfs in the hopes that they would be able to take care of him and give him a proper home in the village.

Puppy continues to remain a pet of the Smurfs through the generations. Somehow he became a pet of King Gerard's descendant Gerry Royeaux, who had given him the name Rex.


Puppy has been friends to all the Smurfs in the village, including Empath and his friend Polaris Psyche. His closest association, though, is with Baby Smurf, and during the period of The Lost Year, a clone of him and a grown-up elderly version of Baby Smurf was seen helping Empath and Polaris find the Key Of Chronos, a device that was thought to be destroyed when the other Smurfs were first trapped in time. However, when the Schliphargons manage to steal the locket from Puppy's collar, both clones ceased to exist.


Puppy serves the role of the village pet whom the Smurfs take care of and who also watches after the Smurfs. Puppy's latest known role in the story series is pulling the wedding carriage for Smurfette at the time of her wedding to Empath.

In the Smurflings' dream of being transported to the land of Odds, Puppy served the same role as Toto from The Wizard Of Oz, although he was shrunk to less than Smurf-size.


Puppy is an ordinary dog that behaves like one. However, the magic locket that he wears around his collar prevents him from ever aging, though it doesn't protect him from physical injury or even death.

Voice Actor

The desired voice actor for this character would be Dee Bradley Baker.

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