The Rebellion Of The Smurfs is a group that is formed by Duncan McSmurf and all the Smurfs that opposed the reign of Anonymous Smurf as Lord Smurf the First in Sophia Smurfette's fictional account from the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story "The Once And Smurfy King".

It started when Jokey pulled a prank on Hefty, who served as captain of the guard under the king's command, which then led to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment when, immediately after the charges against Jokey were dismissed, he pulled another prank on Anonymous himself. While Duncan was in charge of the Smurfs who chose to hide in the forest away from being detected by the king and his forces, Smurfette became Anonymous' personal consort in order to find out whatever he has been planning and relay that information to the rebels whenever possible. Brainy, who was originally Anonymous' election opponent and then later a loyal follower, became part of the rebellion until he was captured, and remained a prisoner inside Lord Smurf the First's prison until the palace was destroyed. Tapper worked as part of the secret "underground railroad" that helped smuggle Smurfs that wished to join the rebellion out of the village.

Ultimately the rebellion gained enough support from those who became tired of Anonymous' tyrannical reign as king that, in the rebels' assault upon the village, the king was left with only his loyal guards after his palace was destroyed by an explosive. The rebellion came to an end when Papa Smurf returned from his journey to the mountains to gather more wrinkleroot, admonishing the Smurfs for acting like human beings while he was gone.