Ripple Vic George
Also Known As"Ripple the Remarkable"
OccupationFreelance Prankster
AlignmentChaotic Good
Marital StatusUnspecified
Known RelationsNone Known
ResidenceThe Enchanted Forest
Voice ActorJerry Houser (Original)
UniverseExpanded AU

Ripple is a character from the original cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a character in the Expanded Animated Universe.

Background Information


Season 10 Episodes

He is a supporting character during Season 10.

  • We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas (Ep. 14) -- Ripple and his girlfriend partake in the celebration with the Smurfs and Goblins. He is turned evil, along with most everyone else, when Chlorhydris casts a wicked spell on the village - luckily, he is saved by his girl and company and shares the remainder of the celebration with her.
  • A Smurfy Valentine's Day (Ep. 35) -- He and Karma are background characters sharing the romantic atmosphere with everyone else.
  • Fooly's Woodsprite Friends (Ep. 40) -- He and Karma both meet Fooly Smurf and become friends with him.

Season 11 Episodes

It is unknown if Ripple is intended to appear in Season 11 at this time.



Voice Actor(s)

He was originally voiced by Jerry Houser, who was also the voice of Meako in the Scooby Doo film, Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers (1987).


  • The profile image above was made by VicGeorge2K9 and is not intended to be used in a means of infringing upon his rights in any way.

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