Saber-Toothed Wolves
Race TypeQuadro-ped Mammal
ResidenceArctic Mountains & Forests
First AppearanceSeason 10

A saber-toothed wolf is a creature appearing in Season 10 of the Expanded Animated Universe. They looks like typical wolves, except they have large sword-like teeth that stick out of their mouth, even when closed (hence their name).

They are the size of a lion and rather vicious; like ordinary wolves, they live in packs and hunt their prey in a teamwork formation. It seems their favorite prey is bears and ogres - this is known when a pack was attacking a grizzly bear during its debut episode.

Being oriented towards speed - besides an array of swift physical attacks - their special abilities include breathing ice and wind, and they seems to resist extremely cold places. During winter they have a greater fur coat and are depicted living in arctic mountain areas and forests, but they are popularly kept as pets by many people. When tamed, they become calm, brave, and loyal to their masters just like dogs.

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