Sarsaparilla ale is a drink brewed from sarsaparilla leaves that appears in two Smurfs fanfiction series. Its taste is similar to that of sarsaparilla soda, but has alcoholic content on the same level as a standard glass of ale.

Empath: The Luckiest Smurf stories

Sarsaparilla Ale
A glass of sarsaparilla ale.

Greedy With Keg 2
Greedy with a barrel of ale

Tapper With Mug Of Ale
Tapper with a glass of ale.

Sarsaparilla ale

It is served by Tapper Smurf in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. The standard alcoholic version is usually served to the adult Smurfs in the evenings at Tapper's Tavern, and Tapper rarely allows an adult Smurf to drink more than he could reasonably handle. A nonalcoholic version of the ale can also be brewed and served, but Tapper had only done that until he was old enough to brew and serve the regular version. Hefty Smurf, being very conscious about what he puts into his body, prefers drinking the nonalcoholic version and will request it whenever it's available, or will drink a seltzer if it isn't.

Empath Smurf, who enjoys sarsaparilla ale, normally doesn't drink more than one glass of it each day, though in the alternate timeline shown in "Papa Smurf & Mama Smurfette", Empath became a drunk trying to drown his sorrows in the ale when Smurfette broke his heart by marrying Papa Smurf.

The Tapper of the Mirror Universe brews a sarsaparilla ale that is very bitter in taste, but is also very high in alcoholic content. That version of Tapper doesn't seem to really care about how it tastes, as long as his customers are satisfied with how it makes them feel.

In the normal universe, sarsaparilla ale is personified in the character of Saspie Rilla who appears to tempt thirsty Smurfs trying to control their intake of the ale.

A Christmas song parody called "Streams Of Sarsaparilla Ale" was crafted by the Smurfs to sing about the joys of drinking the beverage.

Hero: The Guardian Smurf stories

It is served by Nikolai Smurfeski in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series. However, because it is brewed with its alcoholic content intact, it is not served to any Smurf below the age of 100, as mentioned by the grown-up Smurflings in "Attack Of The Purple Smurfs".

In the mini-story "My Drunken Sweetheart", Wonder Smurfette became so drunk from the ale that she started to dance rather suggestively in the bar, requiring her husband Hero and his friend Fergus MacSmurf to intervene for her sake.


  • The inclusion of sarsaparilla ale is an element carried over from the Smurfs comic books, particularly the original French versions, where the Smurfs are shown drinking alcoholic beverages.

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