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Note: This is Part One of Sealed Away Smurfs, this story will have four chapters.

Smurfter One

Gargamel and Azrael were dancing around, delighted that they had caught all the smurfs.

"Ooh I've done it!" Gargamel exclaimed.

"Oh! The smurfs are gone,

The smurfs are gone!

Gargamel the sorcerer's won!

No more smurfs to ruin plans,

Some are cooked in frying pans!

Others are in use for making gold!

Some to are in markets sold!

Oh! The-"

Gargamel stopped since he started choking. "Come on Azrael, let's go get all the smurfs ready. Of course you didn't think we could do all those things in the song right away."

"Mreow!" Azrael said; he was quite happy since he took part in the "Great Smurf Capturing" (as Gargamel called it).

"Looks like we have five more minutes! Let's sing again!"

Sighing Smurf grumbled - the noise had woken him up and he realized his memory was fuzzy, but couldn't remember why he was in Gargamel's house tied up with ropes and sealed in a flask on a table with his fellow smurfs in flasks, too, hung up on walls. They were down on the floor with tubes and cauldrons all around him. He noticed Blaséwas up too, looking bored and doing nothing to stop Gargamel. Sighing also noticed Handy shifting while asleep before waking up.

Sighing looked at his flask: his was somehow different from all the other smurfs. It was not sparkling with different bright colors, nor floating in mid-air. He realized his flask was only enchanted from the inside and normal on the outside. Out of nowhere, he had an idea - he started to push the flask with his shoulders (of course you should remember that he was tied up).

Pushing, pushing, and... he was tipped sideways which Gargamel did not notice since he was still singing and celebrating. Although it was hard, Singing managed to get up and start running, heading towards the edge of the table. Finally the flask fell down, crashing into a million pieces as he groaned; his right arm was broken and bleeding.

Smurfter Two

"Oh smurf, I'm lucky a lefty." Sighing said to himself while looking at his arm, then realizing Gargamel was standing like a tower over him.


Sighing started to run, but it was no use, Azrael caught him three seconds after they both bolted.

Handy was staring in horror, he had to help his fellow Smurf. "Don't worry Sighing!" He shouted, but was not heard since he was in a sound proof flask. "I'm coming!"

Handy tipped the flask over and started to run off the edge of table, unlike Sighing's flask, Handy's flask was enchanted on the outside, so it did not break. "Well at least I have my pencil." Handy said as he took his red pencil off his ear, aiming at the glass. "Now carefully, one, two, three! Laser activate!"

"Access granted." said a voice only heard by Handy.

The lead on the pencil produced a red neon line, Handy used the laser-pen to draw a circle on the window, Handy shut it off and pushed the middle of the circle lightly, easily coming off. Handy walked out proudly only to bump into Gargamel.

"Hiya Gargamel." Handy said nervously.

"Hello there." Gargamel sneered.

"Would you, um, mind letting Sighing go please?"

Gargamel smiled, then started to chuckle, turning into a histerical laugh while closing his eyes, Handy started laughing nervously too. Azrael, who held Sighing by one paw, joined in. Gargamel finished laughing a minute later, realizing Handy wasn't there, turned around to see Sighing and Handy dashing for their lives, Handy had managed to free a five smurfs (who were, Blasé Smurf, Poet Smurf, Alchemist Smurf and two normal Smurfs) while Gargamel and Azrael were laughing. "Azrael you stupid cat!" Gargamel yelled. "You let them get away! Get them! Go go go!"

But it was too late, the seven smurfs had jumped out of the castle window and started smurfing for their lives. A few minutes later, Sighing started to feel a mavolent pain in his arm.

"Argh! Stop!" He pleaded, the other six Smurfs looked at him, "I need cast! quickly!"

Nobody could find anything, but Poet managed to find some spare pieces of paper, so he wrapped his paper around Sighing's arm, then Handy got out his ductape, taping it around the paper, and over Sighing's shoulder, and wrapped it around the paper for a second time, thus making a well-done cast. The Smurfs had finally got to the village, at least where it used to be, they stared in horror, they tried to remember what had happened, but none of them could.

"What happened?" A Smurf said, whom we will call Smurf 1.

None of them answered, because none of them knew it.

Smurfter Three

Handy walked through his destroyed workshop, he stared in sadness when he saw all of his inventions had been crushed, but there was something gleaming in the wreckage, Handy quickly rushed to it and digged it out, it was a white helmet with a trasparent visor.

"Amazing..." Handy said to himself, "The helmet! It is crushproof!"

Handy saw something under the hole he had digged through, a blue and white motorbike was there, also not crushed! Handy took it out, and started to ride on it to the main square, Sighing sat there, cross-legged, Alchemist had fixed his arm earlier on with a potion).

"Sighing! Sighing! My inventions are crushproof!" Handy shouted in delight.

"Wha?" Sighing had no idea what Handy was talking about.

Handy explained the motorbike and the helmet were his latest experiments, and they were the only things that had not been broken! Amazed, Sighing snatched the helmet out of Handy's hands, threw his own cap away, and put the helmet on, he then pushed Handy off the bike gently (who was in shock, so it was pretty easy for Handy to not get hurt), and pressed a START button, which started the motor, letting him ride out of the village.

Sighing loved swerving to avoid trees, he loved the feeling of danger. He decided he would go to Gargamel's castle, and stop him.

Gargamel looked at the remaining smurfs, a few had escaped, so what? He was pouring slime mixed with honey into a cauldron when all of a sudden, a smurf had burst through his window, knocked over a few smurfs still in flasks, picked one up, and rode into Azrael's face.

"Mreow!" Azrael cried, while Gargamel cried:

"Stop it! Stop you annoying little smurf!"

But the smurf just simply laughed and said, "I'm not just a smurf! I'm a stunt smurf!"

The stunt smurf, (who was still holding the flasked smurf), simply rode through the doors of the castle, and back to the forest.

Smurfter Four

The six smurfs were all waiting for Sighing, they did not look happy.

"Sighing, what's wrong with you?" Handy said.

"My name's not Sighing, it's Stunt Smurf!" Sighing exclaimed.

"Whatever, you can't just steal stuff, you have to ask nicely!"

"Sorry, but this is what I've been waiting for, all this time, I've being sighing for something. Danger!"

"Whoa whoa whoa." Smurf 2 joined in, "Did you break the smurfurcycle?"

"No, it is completley fine." Stunt replied, then turning to Handy "I'm truly sorry I smurfed your stuff, but didn't you guys notice the smurf I've got?"

The smurfs stared at it.

"Why, it's Slouchy Smurfling!" Poet pointed out.

"Yup, and with this smurfurcycle, I can smurf more smurfs!" Stunt said.

"Well, someone else can do it, you already have a name, so I might as well try it." Smurf 2 started the engine.

"Wait, it's not that-" But Handy was cut out, Smurf 2 had crashed into a tree, "The smurfurcycle's hard to smurf, I think only me and Sigh-Stunt can actually ride it."

The Stunt, Handy, and Blasé decided to rescue some other smurfs while the others think of a plan to get Slouchy out of the flask. Unluckily, Handy only had one smurfurbike. so the three smurfs had to walk on foot.

When they got to the castle, they decided Stunt would make a distraction while the others would grab as many Smurfs as they could. Gargamel had finished his teleporting potion and was now making posting stamps onto the flasks.

"Oh soon, I shall make gold, but all these magic law things say I have to have a permit." Gargamel grumble. "Hey! What's that noise! Oh no, not you again!"

Basically, the whole thing had started again. Stunt burst through the doors, and started smashing things, Gargamel and Azrael started chasing him. Handy and Blasé quietly sneaked in with a giant human sack. They were getting the nearest smurfs when Gargamel yelled:

"Oh no! You broke my teleportation potion! You fool! Now we'll all be transported to a random place!"

The room started to change as a vortex grew bigger and bigger, it started to suck everything inside it: "books, smurfs in flasks, quills, bottles, powder, etc. The smurfs (and the antagonist) all grabbed onto something. Azrael meowed and lost his grip on the table, but fortunately grabbed onto Gargamel's arm.

"Stupid cat," Gargamel growled, whipping Azrael away. "You're going to get me into that vortex too."

Azrael fell into the portal, followed by a chair, then a bookshelf, and then a yelling "Noooooo!" Gargamel. Stunt drove his smurfurcycle to the door, stopping by Handy and Blasé, signaling them to jump on. They drove outside quickly, watching as the castle was pulled apart into the vortex, which closed up behind them.

When they got back to the village, they told the smurfs about what they had encountered, the five smurfs they had gotten were: Clumsy Smurf, Sassete Smurfling, a Smurfling, Tuffy Smurf, and Weakling Smurf.

"Wow! Gargamel's gone?" Smurf 1 said. "Well how lucky are we?"

"Not very, now we have more than a hundred smurfs to find." Grumbled Blasé.

Now, we come to the end of the story. If we are lucky, the smurfs will all be rescued in the episodes, I hope you enjoyed the story! B1K3 13:10, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

The End

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