"Short-Lived Stage Life" is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 11, created by Numbuh 404. It is set to run between 23 - 25 minutes in length.


After many doubts and discussions about the final script, Poet's playwright comes to life for one night only at the Smurf Theater, and everysmurf is relieved to know that the cast came to a compromise about their roles. During their performance, the crowd is introduced to familar character types, but the twist at the end leaves many with conflicted feelings...
Was taking this idea to the public a worse idea than Handy's original Smurf-O-Matic Weather Machine, or was it exactly the edge he needed to strengthen his writing skills?




  • While this episode does not pertain directly to the LD Storyline, it does help develop some of the crossover characters (particularly the Smurfs) in relation to the Expanded AU-exclusive characters.
  • This is the third and final episode of the Season 11 Triad Continuum.


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