Siren - Smurfs
RaceDryad Nymph
Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorUnknown

Siren is a little female Nymph who first appears in the episode, "The Crooner Nymph" of Season 10.

Background Information

Unlike other nymphs, she still needs to practice her singing because she's none too good at it. She is so off-key that even Harmony can't bear it. She is best friends with Smurfette and Joey.

Like other nymphs, she can hide by disguising herself as a tree from unsuspecting people.


Siren is a Dryad nymph: she has yellow skin, blue eyes, and long brown hair in pig tails. She wears a blue hoop skirt strapless dress, a silver tiara with a pink flower, and is completely barefoot. She is about the size of a Smurf.

Voice Actor(s)



  • In Greek mythology, a Siren is a woman of the ocean who sits upon dangerous rocks and sings. Her beautiful voice is thought to lure sailors and crash their ships into the rocks.

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