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This story is different from other stories.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use all of your numerous talents and much of your enoromous intelligence. The wrong decision could end in disaster (even death). But don't despair. At anytime, YOU can go back and make another choice, alter the path of the story, and change it result.

You and your best friend, Clumsy, are sent by Papa Smurf to find ingredients for a soil rejuvenating formula that Smurfette needs. While you are walking there, you find a path that goes in two separate directions. If you go left, you will end up on a thrilling adventure that you will never forget, which may cost you your life if you don't make the right choices. If you decide to go right, you will end up in Gargamel's hands. Will the other smurfs come and rescue you, or will you get fried up?

Whatever happens, good luck!

It is another day in the village. You and the other Smurfs are - as usual - doing your everyday things while you are trying to get help from your best friend, Clumsy.

“Get over here!” you shout.

“Uh, I’m coming, Brainy!” Clumsy shouts over you, but as usual he trips and the pieces of wood he’s carrying fall down on you.

“Gosh, I’m sorry, Brainy,” says Clumsy. You and Clumsy have been best friends for as long as you can remember, and you can’t recall a single day when Clumsy wasn’t accident-prone.

“Clumsy, Clumsy, Clumsy,” you start to nag, “As Papa Smurf always says, you should always look before you leap, and furthermore…”

Unfortunately for you, some of the other Smurfs hear you. Many are annoyed. One of them, who are amongst the most annoyed, give you one of many one-way tickets to the village limits.You found yourself flying until you land square on your head…again.


After getting up and back into the village, Papa Smurf comes out of his lab and begins to make an announcement.

“My little smurfs,” he begins, “I am going to need a few ingredients used for a soil rejuvenating formula that I’m making for Smurfette. Therefore, I need volunteers.”

“I’ll go, Papa Smurf,” you say.

“Uh, me too!” said Clumsy.

“Good,” Papa Smurf says, “As for the rest of you, please carry on.”

“Yes, Papa Smurf,” everyone else replies.

Afterwards, you and Clumsy get the list of items needed from Papa Smurf and begin your long journey on a never-ending adventure for the much-needed items of dear old Papa Smurf.

After walking for a while, you and Clumsy are just about ready to stop for a rest, when suddenly, you see a path that goes in separate directions; left and right.

"Uh, Brainy," Clumsy asks, "Which direction should we go?"

"Hmm, if I knew better, I would probably go left," you say.

"I don't know, Brainy," said Clumsy, worried, "Maybe we should go right."

You decide!

If you decide to go left, click here

If you decide to go right, click here

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