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"We'll go left," you decide, "Come on Clumsy. Let's not take any chances of risking our lives."

You drag Clumsy along with you. You walk with Clumsy for a while, but then you start shivering in fear.

"Uh Brainy," said Clumsy, "Why are you so worried?"

"We're lost!" you declare, "It looks like we're about to be eaten somehow! We're doomed!"

You start to sob, until suddenly, you see a magical fountain with a cup sitting on a stone table to the right. But for some reason, there's something familiar looking about the fountain. Maybe you shouldn't go there.

On your left, you can clearly see a dark path, with a dozen pairs of creepy eyes staring at you. Yikes! It doesn't look smurfy! Although if you go a little more further on the path you're walking right now, something tells you that something may happen to you and Clumsy. Make a decision, and fast!

If you decide to go to the magical fountain, click here

If you decide to go more forward, click here

If you decide to go to the creepy place, click here

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