You decide to go to the magic fountain, and you pull Clumsy along with you.

"Come on Clumsy!" you say, "Let's take a quick look."

"I don't know Brainy, it looks a little familiar somehow" Clumsy says.

"Of course not!" you reply, but there is a strange feeling about it.

You look at the the water, it seems so beautiful, so shiny, and so...strangely nice. Suddenly, Clumsy accidentally knocks the stone tablet over. The cup falls down into the water, making an amazing thing happen: The water shines and out comes a goblin. He laughs and looks at you two.

"Ah!" the Goblin says, "I remember you guys, Clumsy and Brainy! Here's a gift!" Something yellow enlights on his hands, making you turn into goblins. You can't seem to stop talking, and Clumsy keeps on tripping over everything!

"Hah! Now! I think I might know the way to your village!" he says, "Maybe I'll get revenge! Especially on that Nobody guy..."

"WaitIrememberweshouldn'thavegoneherehelpmeIcan'tstoptalking!" you say as the goblin hops off.

Now you realize why it looks so familiar: this was where Clumsy and Nobody released the Goblin Mystico. Unfortunately, it's all you and Clumsy's fault. The entire Smurf race is in jeopardy! Enjoy your lives, goblins!

The End

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