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Smurf Problems Series

The Smurf Problems Series is a universe created by LiliLC that only considers the canon of the animated series.

Series Information

It take place after "the travels on the time" in the season 9, the smurfs found more adventures as new friends (and new enemies). For the first time, there is a new smurfette named Bella who appears to be the nicest girl ever, but is later revealed as an enemy.

Lather, they have found a group of sailor Smurfs that are females (and two males), sharing mirror-like qualities.

Afterwards, they accidentally travel to the future to meet new Smurfs, and the funny, but eccentric "Dark Papa Smurf," better known as "Darky." 

Story Listing

Main Characters

Cast Selection

  • Frank Welker -- Hefty Smurf, Smurf, Wild Smurf/Smurfette, Azrael
  • Russi Tailor -- Smurfette
  • Kirsten Bell -- Bella Smurfette
  • Jack Angel -- Papa Smurf
  • Vincent Martella -- Dark Papa Smurf
  • Melissa Sturm -- Mama Smurfette
  • Grey Delisle -- Strong Smurfette
  • Michael Bell -- Handy, Grouchy, & Lazy Smurfs
  • Alan Young -- Farmer & Tailor Smurfs
  • Willam Callaway -- Clumsy & Painter Smurfs
  • Danny Goldman -- Brainy Smurf
  • Julie McWhiter -- Sassette, Baby Smurf, & extras
  • Hank Azaria -- Gargamel
  • Dee Bradley Baker -- Chitter Smurf (adult)
  • Thomas Sangster -- Intellectual Smurf
  • Hynden Walch -- Tinker Smurfette
  • Andrea Libman -- Awkward & Overactive Smurfettes
  • Ashley Tisdale -- Myopic Smurfette
  • Amanda McBroon -- Chlorhydris

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