Smurf Register Of Names
Smurf Register Of Names
PurposeRecord of the Smurfs
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

The Smurf Register Of Names (Le registre des noms des Schtroumpfs) is a series of books held in the Smurfs archive house in the Smurf Village in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It is a record of Smurfs born within a certain generation where the names are recorded in Schtroumpf, one of the "lost" languages of the Smurfs. Next to the name would be a baby Smurf's handprint that served as a seal to indicate that Smurf's presence in the Smurf Village.

Empath discovered this book by accident and was perplexed by how the names of every Smurf in his generation was recorded in Schtroumpf, which at the time of the book's discovery he did not know. It was through the help of Painter, Brainy, and Papa Smurf that Empath learned the language and thus was able to interpret all the names recorded which correpsonded to all his fellow Smurfs: Brainy (a Lunettes), Hefty (Costaud), Handy (Bricoleur), Jokey (Farceur), Greedy (Gourmand), Grouchy (Grognon), Vanity (Coquet), Lazy (Paresseux), and so on. Empath saw that his name was also recorded in the book as Schtroumpf Empathie.

A few Smurfs, such as Smurfette (Schtroumpfette), Century (Siècle), and Wild (Sauvage), would have their names recorded in their adult years, though with a fingerprint instead of a handprint next to the name.

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