Smurf Theater
The Smurf Theater as it appears in the cartoon show
Smurf Theater 2
The Smurf Theater as it appears in the comic books
Smurf Theater
LocationSmurf Village
PurposePresentations and theatrical productions
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Empath: The Luckiest Smurf
Hero: The Guardian Smurf
Glovey Story
LD Stories
Expanded Animated Universe

The Smurf Theater is a location in the Smurf Village where most outdoor productions such as plays and concerts are held.

Empath Stories

In the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series, the theater was eventually outfitted with Imaginarium crystals that would allow for instantaneous costume changes as well as scenery changes, special effects, and other things.



  • The Adventures Of Robin Smurf
  • Frankensmurf
  • Joseph And His Amazing Smurficolor Dreamcoat
  • Little Red Riding Smurf (or Little Red Smurfing Hood)
  • MacSmurf
  • A Midsummer Smurf's Dream
  • The Phantom Of The Smurf Village
  • Queen Esther
  • Romeo And Smurfette
  • A Smurf Christmas Carol
  • A Smurf For All Seasons
  • Smurfling Pan
  • The Three Little Smurfs
  • The Three Smurfketeers

Other Events

Glovey Stories

In the Smurf Me Up series, the theatre is used for performances by Glovey Smurf or Harmony Smurf, or by plays created and starring usually Actor Smurf.


Hero: The Guardian Smurf stories

In the HERO: The Guardian Smurf series, the theater is used for many theatrical performances. When the Imaginarium was created, crystals were used to further enhance the plays to make them more realistic as it could change the actors character instantly.


LD Stories/Expanded AU

The theater is used mostly by Actor Smurf with other Smurfs, such as Brainy, Clumsy, and Smurfette, with Poet being the main script writer, Painter, Architect, and Handy creating the stage props, Tailor creating the costumes, and both Poet and Smurfette co-directing when not participating within the selected cast.

General Events


  • A Jurassic Animal of Water has Surfaced
  • Smurfy Falls

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