The Smurf Village Church is one of the places used by the Smurfs for various religious activities. The Smurfs come to the church to pray or hear preachings from their fellow Smurfs. Upon Aksel's return, he serves as the Priest and holds Mass and confession for his fellow Smurfs. The building features many stained glass windows depicting Christ along with a few Saints and large altar with the sign of the cross. Another feature are fountains with Holy Water, which are connected through pipes from the well to maintain clean water every time. A kitchen is located where Greedy and Chef make fresh bread and wine before Mass. Behind the Church is a large studio room where Papa Smurf trains the vocals of Smurfs for the Church's choir, led by Glovey Smurf. The rest of the Church is filled with rows of seating for the Church goers.

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