Smurfberry Crunchies

Smurfberry Crunchies is a breakfast cereal created by the Smurfs that appears in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. The cereal consists of red and blue nuggets that are in the same color as smurfberries and have the same taste as smurfberries. It was developed by a joint effort of Greedy, Miller, and Handy to provide an alternate breakfast item for the Smurfs. It was eventually followed by Cocoa Crunchies.

Its first appearance is in the story "Little Sister Smurf Lost." Upon its introduction, the Smurflings have crafted a jingle for the product that goes like this:

Smurfberry Crunchies are fun to eat,
A smurfy fruity breakfast treat,
Made by Smurfs so happily,
It tastes like crunchy smurfberries,
It's berry shaped and crispy too,
In berry red and smurfy blue.

The fictional cereal is analogous to the real-world product of Smurfberry Crunch by Post Cereal which was manufactured in 1983.

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