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Smurfs Smurfing About
Smurfing About

Smurfing About is a Smurfs fanfiction story series created by Babysmurfrocks. The main character varies from a few different Smurfs. Most of the stories in this series might feature elements from the Smurfs Cartoon Show.


Season 1

The intro for Season 1 starts with the music of season 8 while the Smurfs are picking smurfberries. Then Gargamel, Azrael, and Scurple come out from behind a bush and starts chasing the Smurfs. Magic then turns invisible and when the 3 villains were caught off guard he turns them into worms causing a bird to come and carry all 3 of them away. Then it shows Melany and Nat talking to some of the forest animals. Then it shows some of the Smurfs listening to 1 of Grandpa Smurf's stories while Grandpa had baby smurf on his lap while Grouchy held Irritable and Melany held Cheerful as they both go over to listen to the story too. Then it shows the Smurflings playing smurfball and Snappy kicks the smurfball. Magic then chases after the smurfball and jumps down into a hollowed log. The Smurfs Smurfing About logo appears and Magic appears on the mushroom as the other 4 Smurflings appear at the end.

Season 2

The inro starts with the Smurfs season 2 theme song but is cut off before the Smurfs start singing and shows Techno and the former Smurflings now playing the intro as the music plays in a more techno way as the Smurfs sing. As the Smurfs are singing it shows Cheerful climbing onto Irritable's shoulders (They are still only babies) trying to reach for a cookie jar in Greedy's kitchen (This scene is based off of the Rugrats where they always climb onto each other to reach something on a counter or table.) Cheerful then grabs the cookie jar as Irritable falls backwards, Cheerful, still holding the cookie jar, then slids backwards into a cabniet door by the sink.(This again is taken from the Rugrats but from the last scene of the Rugrats movie where Dil grabbed the icecream and the other babies fell causing him to slid into a cabniet while still holding the icecream.) Then it shows Smurfette holding Schemer, who had just been born, as he was sleeping and the other Smurfs had come in to see him. Then Irritable (he is around 69 years old) is seen being taught how to swim by Cheerful and Hefty. After failing the first attempt he tries agin only this time able to float and swim this time.

To Be Expanded!

Story/Epsiode Listings

Episodes are in specific order. Blue = Finished, Blue with () = Under Progress, Bold= Not created

Season 1

  1. Baby's 50th Birthday
  2. Baby's New Name
  3. Magic's First Spell
  4. Magic Saves the Day
  5. The New Smurfette
  6. Melany's Secret Talent
  7. The Smurflings
  8. The Astro Smurf
  9. Dreamy's Pen Pals
  10. Dreamy's Nightmare
  11. Melany and Grouchy's Wedding
  12. Once In Another Blue Moon
  13. Baby's Strange Behavior
  14. Baby's Allergy
  15. Things That Go Smurf In The Night
  16. Baby's First Christmas
  17. The Smurfiest Arrivals

Season 2

  1. Cheerful and Irritable's First Word
  2. Cheerful and Irritable's First Christmas
  3. First Steps
  4. The Surprise Arrival
  5. Schemer's First Tooth
  6. Whistle's Whistle
  7. Irritable Makes A Splash
  8. The Two Smurfette Smurflings
  9.  Cheerful's Pet
  10. The Little Smurfling That Was Found (in progress)
  11. Music Matters
  12.  The Measuring Tree
  13. Papa's Family Album
  14. The Return Of The Purple Smurfs
  15. Smurfette's Birthday
  16. The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

Even more episodes to be announced later.

Notes/ Trivia

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