Smurfing Over Troubled Water is the first Season Special of Season 11. It is episode thirteen, created by Numbuh 404, and is set to run between 48 - 54 minutes in length.

This Season Special is also directly in line with the LD Storyline leading up to Story Two.


For some time, the land is peaceful and all is well amongst the Smurfs. Disaster rears its ugly head at the drawbridge to the King's castle one afternoon, however, when the Game Master returns. Having been released from his punishment by his parents and readily hired by Gargamel as a way of exacting his revenge on the King's meddlesome court, the Game Master proposes a new game to play.

Wary of him, the King denies his offer to play, so the Imp casts a spell on Princess Savina. She is trapped within his nightmare realm, and the only way to save her is for someone to play through the game. The catch is that whomever volunteers will be risking their life, and there are no second chances. Who will be brave and foolish enough to volunteer? Will the princess be saved or will the King's court all become a part of the Game Master's game?

The Story

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

Voice Cast






  • The concept of the new game introduced by the returning Game Master was inspired by the renowned single-player horror game, Limbo, beloved by the author.
  • When first conceived in 2011, Johan was intended to be the one guiding Peewit throughout the game, but after further developing Season 11 (and with the completion of Story One), the position was turned to Falla to push her character development and give more foundation for her future aspirations in the Good King's castle.


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