"Smurfing a Goblin Hollow" is the fourth episode of Season 11, created by Numbuh 404. It is set to run between 8 - 10 minutes in length.


One day while Ripple and Karma are visiting the Smurf Village, they find Mystico and Hethera by coincidence. They express their visitation being simply "to get out of the Hollow" for a spell, which prompts them to ask if they could ever visit the "Goblin Hollow." They quickly learn that their friends are homeless, so the Woodsprites decide to involve the Smurfs for extra help on creating a homestead. They merrily set to work creating a new home, but one problem arises: a terrible storm is coming. Will the Smurfs have a Hollow in time to withstand the weather, or will their efforts be destroyed before its time?


Coming soon!


  • While this episode does not pertain directly to the LD Storyline, it does help develop some of the crossover characters (particularly the Smurfs) in relation to the Expanded AU-exclusive characters.


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