Smurfling Island is a location that is mentioned in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It is roughly modeled after Neverland from the Peter Pan stories, where the young Smurfs of the island became the Lost Smurflings under the command of their hero Smurfling Pan and the adult Smurfs became pirates under the command of Captain Smurfhook. It is where the boy Smurflings (Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy) came from as well as Baby Smurf and Grandpa Smurf, who turned out to be the original Smurfling Pan. Nanny Smurf, who was the original Wendy Smurfling, used to visit the island with the original Smurfling Pan.

The exact location of Smurfling Island is unknown. It is believed to reside on a parallel world that is only accessible through "the second star on the right and straight on until morning", as the legend usually says. Magic is the only way that living beings such as Smurfs can safely travel between Smurfling Island and the real world, with fairy dust and happy thoughts being necessary for Smurfs to fly under their own power.

The locations of Smurfling Island include:

  • Pirate Cove, which is where Captain Smurfhook and most of the adult Smurfs that became pirates live.
  • Smurfling Haven, which is where Smurfling Pan and the Lost Smurflings live.
  • Fairy Haven, which is where the fairies such as Tinkerbell live.
  • Neverstone Cavern, which is where the Neverstone is located.
  • Feather Head Haven, which is where the Feather Heads (resembling Native Americans) live.
  • Merfolk Lagoon, which is where the merfolk live.