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Smurfs: Blue as the Skies is a fan series which represents the continuation or Reboot of the Hanna-Barbera Version of the Smurfs Cartoon.

Series Information

At Night, there are many stars in the sky, but at Day, the sky is a blue color, bright as Smurfs' way of life.

After returning from Their Time-Travelling Adventure, The Smurfs return to their way of life, but unknown to them, There were some new dangers, but plenty of new adventures.

TV Special

Season 1

  1. Final Jumps through Time: Papa Smurf explains to the Smurfs about how they returned to Their time period as They traversed the Aztec Pyramids, a shipwreck, and the distant future.
  2. The Sorrowful Painter: An elderly artist accidentally comes across the Smurf village.
  3. Unlucky Seven Azraels: A Failed Duplication spell cast by Gargamel causes Azrael to split into Seven Kittens, each one with a different Personality.
  4. A Playmate for Smoogle: Smoogle helps and falls in love with a playful Girl Smoogle called Smoogie, who helps Her escape from a hunter.

New Characters

  • Taupe - A Disdain but kind Artist who is also one of the few humans to encounter the Smurfs.
  • Smoogie - A Female Smoogle, who is Smoogle's playmate and love interest.

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