Smurfs Fanon Channel is where all fan fiction shows of this wiki are shown.

Series in Progress

These are series that are currently ongoing.

Series Currently on Hiatus/Break

These are the series that are currently on hiatus/break.

Future Shows

These are shows that are coming soon.

Cancelled/Abandoned Shows

These are shows which are cancelled/abandoned.

  • Sealed Away Smurfs series
  • Smurfiest Smurf Of A World series
  • Sapphire Smurfette: The Adventurous Smurfette
  • Smurfs Abound
  • The Second Smurfette Series
  • Esther: The Adventure Smurfette
  • Smurfing About


These are the movies/stories of this wiki.

Finished Movies/Stories

These are movies/stories that are finished

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