Season 10 Title

Season 10 is part of the Expanded Animated Universe created by Esquilo30, and features a collaboration of episode listings from multiple Wiki Users.

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Series Information

There is an official lead-up episode created by Vic George called, "The Return Home," which entails the safe return of the time-travelling fifteen Smurfs, thus normalizing the storyline back to its originally intended state.


Containing 60 episodes, this marks the beginning of a great and humorous adventure by telling the story of Joey McCormick who appears in the first episode called, "A New Smurf, A New Adventure," and how he came to be cursed as a Smurf.

This season also introduces new characters like Carefree and Fooly, as well as the return of Marina the Mermaid and the Pussywillow Pixies. Other new characters include Goblins and Woodsprites like Hethera and Karma. They often go hand-in-hand with the returning one-shot characters from the later seasons of the cartoon show. Some are brought up with simple goals and personalities, but several will reveal a dynamic change as they make multiple appearances.

Season Specials

  1. Later in the series, We Smurf You A Smurf Smurfy Christmas brings together a multitude of known characters from both the fanon and original cartoon alike in a wild adventure where a group of various individuals work as a team to save Christmas from the heartless witch, Chlorhydris. Celebrate the holidays with this dramatic conflict and enjoy the resolution as hearts are warmed and friendships thrive.
  2. To welcome Spring's arrival, A Smurfy Valentine's Day involves the Smurfs and a handful of other characters celebrating the Day of Love, known as Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, Chlorhydris casts a spell to remove love from the world entirely, and it is only thanks to her disloyal Piximps that the Smurfs are able to counteract the effects.

Episode Listings

  1. A New Smurf, A New Adventure
  2. Joey and the Pussywillow Pixies
  3. A New Hope For Handy
  4. Balthazar's Quest
  5. A Piximp for the Smurfs
  6. Smurf Mouth
  7. Stingle
  8. The Scream
  9. A Day with the Smurflings
  10. Fooly's Journey
  11. Play a Prank with Jokey
  12. The Littlest Valkyrie
  13. The Snow Fairies
  14. We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas -- Holiday Special
  15. A House for Joey
  16. The Return of the Purple Smurfs
  17. The Crooner Nymph
  18. Knight of the Clover Bandit
  19. Snappy Wants to be a Pilot
  20. The Giant Girl
  21. Visiting Atlantica
  22. Stingle and his Smurfy Friendship
  23. Laconia and Woody's Cousins
  24. Stingle Meets Acorn
  25. The Smurfs' Big Expedition
  26. Syx's Heart
  27. The Mystery of Mistbound Lake
  28. The Smurfs in Wacky Forest
  29. The Haunted Hospital
  30. Clumsy's New Pet
  31. Joey's Song
  32. I'm Not a Smurfling Toy
  33. Fooly's Sweetheart
  34. Denisa Returns
  35. A Smurfy Valentine's Day -- Holiday Special
  36. Acorn, the Tallest Pixie
  37. It's Not Easy Being a Piximp
  38. Jodger
  39. A Scorpomouse in the Kitchen (pending creator)
  40. Fooly's Woodsprite Friends (pending creator)
  41. Como the Thief (pending creator)
  42. The Only Option (pending creator)
  43. Jodger's Secret (pending creator)
  44. Into the Future (pending creator)
  45. The Secret of the World's Paralysis (pending creator)
  46. A New Dawn (pending creator)
  47. The Smurfs' Support (pending creator)
  48. Nadira (pending creator)
  49. To the Hidden Land (pending creator)
  50. The Last Adventure (pending creator)

Up Next


  • This series was officially created by Esquilo30 on October 15th, 2011.
  • The main contributor to this Season is Esquilo30, who created a total of 49 episodes.
  • "Knight of the Clover Bandit" was initially put in by B1K3 for their Sealed Away Smurfs series, which no longer exists. It is considered the "lost episode" of this Season.
  • Esquilo30 was present until after October 31st, 2013 and currently awaits his return to be officially concluded.

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