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File:The Smurfs and WWE: Smurf Village Smackdown.png

For the First time you should see our smurfs teamed up with Smurf versions of WWE Superstars like you never seen them before

Voice Cast

John Cena as John Cenasmurf

Roman Reigns as Roman Smurfs

Dean Ambrose as Dean Smurfose

Sheamus as Smurfmus

Cesaro as Cesmurfo

The Undertaker as The Undersmurfer

Becky Lynch as Smurfy Lynch

Mr McMahon as Mr McSmurf

Plot Summary

Back in the days when Papa Smurf was a kid, he loved the SWE (Smurf Wrestling Entertainment). But when Evil wizard Gargamel came out of nowhere, He started stomping the arena and Papa Smurf was sad. Years Later, Clumsy Smurf wanted to Entertain A Big Event so he went to Papa Smurfs house and told him. Papa Smurf told Clumsy Smurf about his childhood (SWE), Clumsy was sad. When he kept building, Mr McSmurf and the SWE Supersmurfs came out of nowhere and said "Hey you know where we can build a wrestling ring" and Clumsy turned around and looked surprised. He saw John Cenasmurf, The Undersmurfer, and more

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