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Smurfs in Black is a Smurfs fanfiction series not featuring any original characters from the Smurfs. It is a series
Smurfs In Black

Smurfs IN Black

about a secret Smurf organization for aliens and extraterrestrials. When rouge aliens from outer space attack, it's up to SIB agents to save the world from domination while keeping their secret from any smurf or creature about the organisation by using neutralisers to erase memories. There are eighty-eight stories and four seasons including a crossover featuring the original Smurfs and the Snorks. It created by Reggieboy21.



Season 1

  1. The Zathar Syndrome: Part 1 -- When Agent B-Smurf Retires SIB Looking for another partner for K while a space craft crash lands to the Great Oak.
  2. The Zathar Syndrone: Part 2 -- Zathar has come to earth to destroy the galaxy,But later an smurf named James EdSmurf former Spd officer and become Agent J-Smurf  K's New Partner.
  3. The Duplicate Syndrome -- When race called an Charmeiloid came to earth and impersonated every creature it see it J And L to work together.
  4. The Super Bug Syndrome -- The Queen of Bugs hatches a new horde called Super Bugs.
  5. The Slime Clone Syndrome -- When Meteor crash land in the castle of King Adrian and make slime duplicates of people from the castle.
  6. The Mothmen Syndrome .. breed of Moths had been infected by alien slime and turn into Mothpeople to rule the galaxy.
  7. The Star Station Syndrome -- Pending...
  8. The Water Jelly Syndrome -- Pending...
  9. The Omega Syndrome -- an old mentor of K is back and now with Alien Body Parts
  10. The Black Hole Syndrome -- When a Rouge Alien Bandit stolen an mini Black hole that Suck entire Galaxy . K and J must Stop it
  11. The Neurailzer Syndrone--
  12. The Cold Feet Syndrone--

​Season 2

  1. The Bacteria Syndrome-- but when a group of alien germs took over King Gerald's Castle it's K and R to Stop this Bacteria Reign
  2. The Dream Machine Syndrome--
  3. The Quick Clone Syndrome
  4. The Great Pumpkin Syndrome
  5. The Bad Nature Syndrome Part 1-- when some Alien Worshipers plant a giant tree around the country sucking the life of plant and energy call The Tree of Spawn. It a Crossover between Smurfs in Black and the Smurfs
  6. The Bad Nature Syndrome Part 2 -- The SIB need help with Papa Smurf and the Smurfs to stop the Tree an AN evil Alien Wizard Beck
  7. The Bad Nature Syndrome Part 3-- Time running up for Planet Earth as the tree of Spawn destroy every life in earth and it's up to the SIB and the Smurfs to destroy it once and for all
  8. The Black Christmas Syndrome
  9. The Out To Pasture Syndrome
  10. The Trojan Horse Syndrome
  11. The Little Big Dog Syndrome
  12. The Space River Syndrome

​Season 3

  1. The Fmall Fmall World Syndrome
  2. The Big Time Rush Syndrome-- the Charmiloids are back and this time they kidnapped the boy band big time rush and destroy Sib it's up J and R to save the boy band
  3. The Bad Bad Bugs Syndrome
  4. The J is For James Syndrome
  5. The Wild West Syndrome
  6. The Just Desserts Syndrome -- A family member of Zathar wants to avenge is brother by destroying the SIB and up to K and J AND R to stop it
  7. The Bad Blood Syndrome - A family member of Zed has turn bad
  8. The Mind Games Syndrome


  • Smurfs in Black is a parody of Men in Black.
  • Agent T Smurf is Parody of Mr. T

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