Smurfy Grove is the name of the location of the Smurfette Village in the 2017 film, Smurfs: The Lost Village. It is located in the Forbidden Forest.

Mainstream Smurfs Media

Smurfy Grove is the name of the hidden Smurfette Village. It mostly resembles a patch of plants and are located high up in the trees. The village also contains a gym, spa, and an archery range as well as a nesting area for Dragonflies within the village limits, which whom the Smurfs have a cooperative relationship with.

Hero: The Guardian Smurf stories

In an alternate timeline dreamed up by Dreamy Smurf, the Smurfettes created through the Mirror of Opposition are the residents of this village, but are biological Smurfs instead of being magically created. When they are outside the village, they wear leaves in order to conceal their identities.

Glovey Stories

In the Smurf Me Up story The Lost Village, the Smurfs travel to this village to warn its residents about Gargamel. The village population consists of 100 Smurfettes, and their leader Smurfwillow.

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