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Smurfy Tales

The Smurfy Tales series is a telling of how it really happened.

Series Information

There have been many stories and they are not always true, but because they are not all true doesn't mean they don't exist...

A long time ago, before our story took place, two dragons clashed. One was covered in black scales with a white gem, and the other was covered in white scales with a black gem. They were Yin and Yang, respectively. The battles laid the land in chaos.

Fast foward a few milluenium, "Julias, look at this," said a blue figure with big ears and about nine inches tall.The one called Julias looked out and saw a place of land perfect for a new settlement.

Season 1

  1. Smurf Me To The Moon: Adaptation of Astro Smurf.(Takes place in a flashback)
  2. The ChronoSmurf: A smurf gains the power to travel time.
  3. Return Of The Window Vision: Window vision comes back, and is better than ever.
  4. Jokey's Birthday: Halloween comes and so does Jokey's Birthday.
  5. The Second TeleSmurf: The Telesmurf returns.
  6. The Curse Of The Full Moon: One word:Vampires and not the Twillight kind.
  7. Order Five: A documentary on the mysterious Order Five.
  8. Gold Smurfer: James Smurf must stop a comic character that came to life.
  9. Yin and Yang: The smurfs must stop Yang from awakining to save the Earth.
  10. Mirror Net: The mirror net arrives.
  11. Phoenix Saga 1: The Coming: Spoilers will not be revealed.

Season 2

Coming Soon!

Short Stories

These are stories that have been added to add characters into cannon and to tie events together.

  1. Brewer Smurf's Tavern:The introduction of Brewer's Tavern.
  2. Changes: Smurfette develops as a person.


  1. The Legend Of The Blue Moon: A movie that will halfway through the first season. And will later be made into a four part episode.
  2. The Way of a Hero: Season 2 movie. Clumsy wants to be a hero.

Phoenix Saga

Main Article: Phoenix Saga There will be no Spoilers.


  • The stories are broken up into parts to be like real TV shows, the movie however will be like an episode to long to contain in the allotted time and be broken up into four seperate parts.
  • The first season will have 13 episodes.
  • The Phoenix Saga will change everything.
  • There are a few changes: Baby Smurf comes later than in the Cartoon show.
  • Clumsy gains Iron Fist like powers in the season 2 movie event.

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