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Snow Fairies
Also Known AsWinter Fairies
Race TypeTiny Flying Women (often with magical properties)
Population3 (Known)
First Appearance"The Snow Fairies" Season 10

A Snow Fairy is a species that exists within the Expanded AU.

Species Information

They are a type of fairy that is the same size as a Smurf. They are only females who have long or short hair, wear snow bunny hats, and white clothes with a snow flake-like skirt. They have the ability to make it snow by playing a flute, so they are considered Mother Nature's helpers. They first appear in "The Snow Fairies" from Season 10.

Like the Pussywillow Pixies, a group of young snow fairy triplets used to think Smurfs were monsters until they saw how harmless they really are.

The snow fairies triplets are:

  • Icy: a blue-haired fairy who is the oldest of the triplets - she is the leader.
  • Aurora: a green-haired fairy - middle triplet. She wears glasses and seems to be quite intelligent, making her the brains of the group.
  • Flakey: a pink-haired fairy who is the youngest of the trio. She is usually brave and courageous, and starts developing intimate feelings towards Joey after he saved her life from a Saber-Toothed Wolf.


  • They are based on Sugar from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.

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