Race TypeCombination Breed
First AppearanceSeason 11

Spider-Rats are animals who are sometimes mentioned by Stingle and make their official appearance in the Smurfs Season 11.

Race Information

Like real spiders, they are able to climb walls and trees; and like real rats they live in holes, but prefer caves. They are difficult to kill, aggressive, and dominate in packs. Thanks to their sharp fangs, they can eat virtually anything, but their natural prey are the Scorpomice.

Spider-Rats are nocturnal. Their teeth are always growing, so they gnaw on anything to prevent them from becoming too long. It is sometimes hard to tell whether they are eating or gnawing. Besides Scorpomice, they may attack Smurfs, Pixies, Woodsprites, and etc.

Due to their nature, they are considered pests. They are able to deliver a nasty and painful bite which most often leaves a mark. It is believed that if you see a Spider-Rat, there could be up to 41 living in the area. They also reproduce very quickly.


  • The image for this page is a screenshot from the animation show The Neverending Story (1995-1996).
  • Rabbits also have a problem with their teeth constantly growing.

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