Race TypeSmall Humanoid Males
ResidenceA small uncharted island
First AppearanceThe Tale of the Clover Bandit - Chapter 7
UniverseSealed Away Smurfs

Staunch-Elves are elves that appear in the Sealed Away Smurfs universe; they are all males.


They think that Humans are Gods (though they rarely see them since they live on a small island that the Humans have not discovered yet). They believe this because of their great size and all of their "machines" (the Humans are in the Middle Ages whilst the Staunch-Elves are still in Roman times).


Staunch-Elves have tanned skin and - usually - three or four tufts of hair on their heads. They wear purple togas (gold if they are priests or senators) and no shoes. They have long pointed ears (longer than normal elves), and long, narrow, sharp noses. They are twice the height, weight, and size as Smurfs.


  • This species is based on House-Elves.
  • They have eternal life - though it is rare (but possible) if a Staunch-Elf is born.
  • They can teleport to places that they have seen, but to do so is painful and stressful, so most do not. Only gifted Staunch-Elves can teleport without feeling anything.

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