Stormy Profile Update
Stormy Smurfette
Also Known AsSarah Smurfette (birth name)
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsPapa Smurf (adopted grandfather)
Mother Smurfette (adopted grandmother)
97 male Smurfs (adopted uncles)
97 Smurfettes (adopted aunties)
Grouchy Smurf (father)
Sulky Smurfette (mother)
Grumpy Smurf (brother)
ResidenceSmurf Village
Voice ActorJanyse Jaud (Desired)
UniverseHero: The Guardian Smurf

Hero Icon

"I hate you... I don't really."

Sarah "Stormy" Smurfette is a character that is part of the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Background Information

She is the daughter of Grouchy and Sulky Smurf, who like her parents is very grouchy, perhaps even more so than they, and tends to swear a lot when things don't go her own way. Her parents tend to be very understandable of Stormy and try to encourage her to share her problems with somebody who cares rather than keep them bottled up to the point of causing harm to either herself and others around her.


Because Stormy is the type of Smurf who is very uncomfortable sharing her feelings with anyone, she only shares her feelings around the Smurfs that she really trusts, such as her parents, Papa Smurf, Mother Smurfette, Uncle Abloec, Uncle Hero and Aunt Smurfette.


She has short red hair spiked up at the sides, a navy blue shirt with white sleeves, a black skirt and white soft ankle-fitted shoes.

Voice Actor(s)

Her desired voice actress would be Janyse Jaud, who was the voice of Sarah in the Ed Edd n Eddy cartoon show.


  • Her profile pose is based on Numbuh 404's sketch of the Smurfs Abound character, Snippy Smurfling, who was actually supposed to be an adult Smurf.

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