"I'm a man, don't you forget it; I'm not a little kid."

Take The Reins

Take The Reins

"Take The Reins" is a song created and performed by Mike And The Mechanics in 1985 as part of their self-titled debut album.

Empath Stories

Hefty Flexing Front
Empath Stories

It is part of the soundtrack of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf novel, played mostly as Hefty Smurf's theme song as the ultimate expression of his masculinity.

Video Performance

It is mostly Hefty singing the song doing various types of exercises.

I'm a man, don't you forget it; I'm not a little kid.
Understand, you might regret it, treating me the way you did.
Hey, old man, shut your mouth and listen, this is a new regime.
I command, you could go missing, you could be off the scene.

I'm not here to play, so Papa don't say, I'm not ready,
'Cause the hands feel so steady to take the reins.

Got a team, we've got the muscle, when things are getting tight.
Will we see, if there's a hustle, money changes every fight?
Look at me, you will discover I'm not my father's son.
You will see when you recover I'm Mama's only one.

Look me in the eye, try to deny, I'm not ready.
But these hands feel so steady to take the reins.

I know that in your game, you were okay...that's behind us.
Oh, Louise, is it vengeless? Take the reins.

I'm a man...I'm not a little kid.
Why, understand.
Shut your mouth and listen.
I've got a new regime.
Yeah, I got a team.
Oh, take the reins.
I'm Mama's only one.
Oh, take the reins.