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Teleporter Smurfling
Also Known AsJumper Smurfling
Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorUnknown
UniverseSealed Away Smurfs

Teleporter Smurfling (A.K.A. Jumper Smurfling) is a character in the Sealed Away Smurfs Universe. Although he is called a Smurfling, he is thirty-five years older than the original Smurflings.

Background Information

Rescuing: Teleporter's old name is "Jumper Smurfling" because he seems to jump around a lot. He is the tenth Smurf to be rescued in the SAS story, and has helped in rebuilding the village several times.

After His Powers are Triggered

When Alchemist creates a potion for teleporting, half of the rescued Smurfs plan to go to Paris to save Painter. Jumper wants to go but unfortunatley, he doesn't; instead he is convinced by Thinky Smurfling to drink the potion in order to join the adventuring Smurfs. Jumper drinks the potion, but nothing happens - he decides to go to bed. In the middle of jumping onto the bed he disappears into the Amazon where he finds Wild Smurf in a flask. Though Wild Smurf has broken out of his flask, the two cannot get back to the village.



Voice Actor(S)


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