The Adventures Of Robin Smurf
See the article The Adventures Of Robin Smurf (episode) in which this particular event appears.

The Adventures Of Robin Smurf is a theatrical production that was put on by the Smurfs which is featured in the story event "Vanity's Double."

Papa Smurf served as the play's director and musical composer. Vanity was cast in the lead role of Robin Smurf, with Century as a double featured only in fighting scenes. Smurfette was cast as Maid Marian, Brainy as Prince John, Clumsy as the Sheriff of Smurfingham, Tracker, Lazy, and Sloppy as Prince John's guards, Hefty as Little John, Greedy as Friar Tuck, and Jokey as King Richard. Tailor served as the costumer, Handy was the set builder, and Duncan McSmurf was the choreographer of the fighting scenes.

Although there were a few problems onstage, such as Smurfette accidentally hopping away on a runaway frog which required Century to go and rescue her, the show was a success. Brainy at the end of the production was surprised to find out that Century was doubling as Robin Smurf, as Century fought really aggressively with Brainy near the end of the story, almost to the point where he was relieved when Harmony as one of Robin Smurf's Merry Smurfs had to tackle him and plunge him into the moat.

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