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The Amazing De-Bottling Machine is the 1st episode of Sealed Away Smurfs.


The released Smurfs try to create something that can get their fellow Smurfs out of the magic flasks.


Blasè had finally collected the fifty-three items for Handy to make his new laser-pen, it had been a month since they had escaped from Gargamel's grasp, his pencil had been sucked into the vortex along with the two villains, but they had something else to worry about, several Trollgoyles had raided their camp several times this week, the village was destroyed, and more than a hundred Smurfs were hauled away from their homeland, plus there were no smurfberries left to eat.

Blasè laid the items on the floor of Handy's workshop, or what was left of it. He looked at Slouchy, who lay sleeping in the enchanted flask.

“I’m bored.” Blasè said dully.

“You always are.” Handy replied, not looking up at his friend.

“When will that tool be finished?”

“Soon, I tried making the laser pencil before, but it can only smurf from the inside of the bottle. So maybe a pen will work.”

“I knew that, you don’t have to repeat every time I smurf here.”

“I’ve only told you that once, anyway, thanks for getting the tools.”

“You’re welcome.” Blasè grumbled. He disembarked to the main square; Alchemist and Stunt were there, making a plan of the village on the dirt.

“Wait, I want an arena here, for performing acts.” Stunt noted.

“You’re hogging all of this to yourself!” Alchemist argued. “If you get an arena, I want my own lab.”

“What do you need a lab for? You perform alchemy on stage, you don’t actually do experiments!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be arguing…” Alchemist trailed off. “…Or doing a plan on the dirt…”

“Yeah.” Blasè said, they finally looked up and saw him standing on at the far edge of the plan.

“Oh! You were here the whole smurf?” they asked at the same time.


“So what do you want?” Alchemist asked.

“Somewhere that I can’t be bored.” Blasè replied.

“You mean the arena?”

“That bores me.”

The two Smurfs had finally given up and erased the plan, Alchemist walked to the newly made table in the middle of Papa Smurf’s lab, and Stunt drove away on his smurfurcycle. Blasè had finally made all the Smurfs avoid him, he liked that, but he had a sad feeling inside him since he had no one else to bore. Blasè stood there for an hour before moving up to Smurf 2.

“Found a name yet?” Blasè asked.

“No.” the Smurf said before he walked briskly away.

Blasè smirked. He went back to his original hanging place for two more hours till it was almost sundown, he looked off into the distance, some blurry sky bluish-grey were running to the camp off in the distance. Blasè squinted, he could see some more, they seemed to have brown hair with horns on their heads, long tails, and bat-like wings, along with hazel beards and green shirts, they also had long tails, with brown pants.

Could it be? Nah, they gave up, wait, oh, smurfing smurf!” Blasè’s eyes spread wide open. “Smurfs! Help! The Trollgoyles are back!

Soon later, the Smurfs looked out and saw that they were closer than before.

“What are we going to do?” Poet asked. “We only have seven Smurfs! Whilst they had over twenty! Maybe I should write an Ode to Extinction…”

“Yeah! And we haven’t even got a leader!” Smurf 1 noted.

“That’s right…” Stunt said. “Anybody got a plan? Whoever has one will be the leader for the whole week!”

They all stepped back, except Handy, who looked puzzled.

“Congratulations Handy!” Stunt exclaimed. “You’re the new leader! Tell us when you think of a plan! We’ll be behind that wall doing… uh… um…”

“Uh… Smurfing….” Alchemist tried to finish.

“Uh… Chickens?” Smurf 1 said.

“Yeah that’s it! We’ll be behind that wall smurfing chickens!” Stunt said. “Have fun negotiating with them!”

They left as soon as the Trollgoyles reached the edge of the village.

“Well, well, well!” The Leader Trollgoyle said. “So Smurf, do you mind if we take all of this stuff and torture your fellow Smurfs?”

“Um… Not at all! Have fun!” Handy said before running into his workshop. He only had two items left to finish his laser pen. He ran to the others, who were cowering behind a giant wall.

“I need volunteers to distract the Trollgoyles while the others guard my laser pen and some other Smurfs to go and get three items: a Conjunction Zemfulator Transflex, a Gripsulator Smurftuker, and a Smurf.” Handy told them. The Smurfs looked confused. Handy restated his words: “I need a short square log with lots of holes in it and and a metal piece that is 5-inched on each side, and also a smurf.”

The Smurfs started to understand. They started to volunteer, but none had with the “distracting” part.

“Oh is that how it is!” Handy roared. “Okay, Stunt, Blasè, you distract them!”

“Oh great…” Blasè said.

“Now get going! Come on! Don’t Just stand there!” Handy ordered.

The Smurfs went away and did their jobs, but the most upsetting part was when Stunt and Blasè sneaked up on the Trollgoyles.

“Shhhh! This is gonna be awesome!” Stunt whispered to Blasè, they were both holding hand cymbals, they went up to the Trollgoyles, spread their hands apart above the ugly beasts’ heads... and smashed them.

“Run!” Blasè shouted, Stunt was laughing, the Trollgoyles were after them but he didn’t care, it was the most fun thing he had ever done since they had sabotaged Gargamel’s castle. But then they realized where they were going, Handy’s Workshop.

Handy and Alchemist looked up from the desk in the middle and saw them, followed by a group of Trollgoyles.

“Wow, when will you guys learn?” Handy muttered, he charged at one of the gargoyles and knocked it unconscious with his heavy metal hammer, then repeating the same thing over and over again.

“What are you doing just standing there?” Handy asked loudly. “You’ll lead all the other Trollgoyles here!”

Just as they left, Smurf 1, Smurf 2 and Poet returned with the three items. They were puffing loudly.

“Here’s your log.” Smurf 1 said. “And here’s the Smurf and your metal piece.”

“Thanks.” Handy quickly took them and began working rapidly, he was finished in a few minutes, but at the same time, the whole Trollgoyle gang had appeared, they were carrying Stunt and Blasè.

‘Ooh… watcha making?” The lead Trollgoyle asked, coming up to them, he snatched the finished pen out of Handy’s hands. “What’s this doohickey?” He bent down, looking at the pen tip, he press the button at the end, which was a big mistake.

“ARGH! AH HELP ME!” The lead Trollgoyle yelped, dropping the tool, the others did not know what to do, so they just fled, scared of the “doohickey”.

“Wait for me!” The lead Trollgoyle said, he ran after them, and they were never, seen, ever again, that is, until a few months, but that’s another story.

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