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"The Exile From Psychelia" is a story that takes place in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.

About The Story

This is one of the first few stories that was written after "Days Of Auld Lang Smurf" in 2007.

Plot Summary


It is a year after Empath's final return from Psychelia, and Empath discovers that his friend Polaris Psyche has escaped from the place and is now being chased after by the Psychelian Guard Elite. Empath learns that the Psyche Master has been unsuccessfully trying to purge all of Polaris' memories of Empath and that he could no longer live in Psychelia apart from his friend. This results in a struggle between the Smurfs and the Psyches until Polaris decides that he should surrender unto the Psyche Master. Empath goes with Polaris to reason with the Psyche Master that it would be better for Polaris to be permanently exiled from Psychelia to prevent the mindlink of his fellow Psyches from being contaminated with the knowledge of the former Empath Psyche being a Smurf. However, as the negotiations begin to fail and the Psyche Master forcibly tries one final powerful purge of Polaris' memories, Empath uses his own mindlink with his fellow Smurfs to threaten the Psyche Master into releasing Polaris unto him or else Empath will expose the Psyche Master as being a Smurf before the Psyches. Realizing that Empath has the power to make good on his threat, the Psyche Master permanently exiles Polaris and thus he now lives in the Smurf Village with Empath and the Smurfs.


  • The first appearance of Homnibus in the Empath story series timeline.
  • Similar to Star Trek species designations by the Borg, the Psyches also have species designations. Species 0002 in this story refers to the Smurfs.

The Story