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The Light and Dark Series (AKA "LD Stories") is a fanfiction storyline written and illustrated by Numbuh 404. At times, this correlates with the events happening within the Expanded Animated Universe to progress the storyline before reaching main conflicts addressed in the Finale Novellas.

This fanfiction story is still in progress, my little Smurfs!
Papa Smurf Head

This fanfiction story is still in progress and is not complete. Please be patient until the author has enough free time to finish the story. Thank you.

Series Information

This epic tale begins in Season 10 with the introduction of a new Smurfette created by Peewit, who then begins paving the future for the Smurfs. She brings new life into the Smurf Village, causes more trouble than anyone ever imagined, and creates friendships with even the most unlikely of creatures.

In the Season Finale (AKA Story One), the runaway princess, Falla Cye, joins the Royal Court of the Good King's castle and quickly captures the hearts of everyone she meets. As times goes on, she undergoes a drastic transformation from a brash and troubled youth into a bold, beautiful, and independent heroine.


The main characters are generally imported from their mainstream media counterparts at some point from the cartoon show (such as Brainy having been "King Smurf"), but with elements from Peyo's original comics (such as Sassette having freckles). The inclusion of new characters happens periodically as the storyline progresses and while some may only have sparse appearances, they all play an important role.

Generally the focus skips around to depict the happenings of each character set so the readers have a fairly balanced idea of everyone's roles. The cut scenes are specified by a ". . ." header followed by a new paragraph starting with any of the other parties.

Lastly, there are physical descriptions of each character upon their introductions into the story, unless they are simply mentioned or only appear once. The Smurfs - as I figured - are so well known that they do not need to be described, unless they undergo transformations or costume changes.

List of Characters

Until reaching total completion of the storyline, the placement of these characters may change.

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Tertiary/Background Characters

Sequence of Events

Since this series crosses over with the Expanded Animated Universe, there is some chronology to be understood from various episodes, which are specifically labelled as a part of the LD Storyline.

Season 10

These episodes lead up to the events of the first story.

Story One -- The Reluctant Dark Knight

Season 11

These episodes lead up to the events of the second story.

Story Two -- Take Back the Knight


  • This page was first created on October 30th, 2011, but the concept for the series overview was in place since June of 2010.
  • Since its original creation, this was known as The Reluctant Dark Knight Series (AKA "RDK Stories") because development at the point only focused on Johan as the main protagonist. After much thought and collaborative assistance, the series was finally renamed to The Light and Dark Series on November 12th, 2015. View the blog post about it here.

This section is pending proper placement.

Story Two

  • The title of this novel is inspired by one of Numbuh 404's favorite songs, "Take Back the Night" by Justin Timberlake (2013). Although the song itself has just about nothing to do with the plot of the story, the name itself is a parody with the replacement of "night" and "knight," describing the return of Sir Johan to his rightful place on the side of Good.
  • In "Good Knight, Moon," it is revealed that Johan is periodically returned to normal during the full moon, and that he can remember being evil, but not good. This is based off of an episode of CSI: Las Vegas where a witness of a crime had a split personality: one was dominant over the other - the "shadow personality" is able to watch the dominant personality, but the dominant cannot remember ever being the shadow.
  • Being a Cancer sign, Johan's birthstone is the moonstone, which happens to be the gem that saves him from Gargamel's curse in Story Two. This was not planned by Numbuh 404 - it was entirely coincidental, but works perfectly for the storyline. There is also a comic book created by Peyo in 1955 called "The Moonstone," which featured Johan & Peewit.

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