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This fanfiction story is still in progress, my little Smurfs!
Papa Smurf Head

This fanfiction story is still in progress and is not complete. Please be patient until the author has enough free time to finish the story. Thank you.

The Smurfs Reboot

The Smurfs: Reboot is a reboot of the original smurfs series. The show uses the same animation of the 2D section of The Legend of Smurfy Hollow, and some character reprise their roles from the 2011 movie.

Series Sypnopsis

The series follows the Smurfs on all-new adventures, featuring a new smurf named Sapphire, who was raised by legendary wizard, Josiack.

Cast of Characters

Main Smurfs

Papa Smurf- Jack Angel

Sapphire Smurf- Jessica DiCicco

Smurfette- Melissa Sturm

Brainy Smurf- Fred Armisen

Vanity Smurf- John Oliver

Clumsy Smurf- Jack McBrayer

Hefty Smurf- Gary Basaraba

Gutsy Smurf- Alan Cumming

Grouchy Smurf- George Lopez

Handy Smurf- Jeff Foxworthy

Season 2 debuts

Traveler Smurf- Jim Carrey

Marmalade Smurfette- Pamela Adlon

Serenity Smurfling- Ariel Winter

Nat Smurfling- Charlie Adler

Slouchy Smurfling- Anton Yelchin

Snappy Smurfling- TBA

Minor Smurfs

Poet Smurf- Frank Welker

Painter Smurf- Tom Kenny

Jokey Smurf- Paul Reubens

Greedy Smurf- Kenan Thompson

Lazy Smurf- Yuri Lowenthal

Tailor Smurf- Randy Powell

Affectionate Smurf- Rob Paulson

Panicky Smurf- Adam Wylie

Narrator Smurf- Tom Kane

Clueless Smurf- Shaun White

Other Supporting Characters

Seleste- Jenny Slate

Elodie- Fiona Bishop

Joann- Camron Boyce

Peewit- Cam Clarke

Josiak- Jim Cummings


Gargamel- Hank Azaria

Azrael- Frank Welker

Morcabeth- Corey Burton


Season 1

  1. Rise of the Sapphire Smurf- Human raised Sapphire Smurfetteling travels to find her parents, but tumbles across the Smurf Village. (Still being written)
  2. An Old Friend in Fins- TBA
  3. Clumsy's Assistant- TBA
  4. Hug-a-Smurf- TBA

More to come...


  • This show uses the same animation as the 2D segment of The Legend of Smurfy Hollow.
  • Some characters reprise their roles form the 2011 movie.
  • Sapphire and Seleste are two reboots of Sassette and Marina the mermaid.
  • The stories are written in script form.

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