This is the fan made sequel to the Smurfs and The Smurfs 2.



One year after the first movie, Papa Smurf was sitting down drinking beer with Brainy smurfing around. "Ya smurf Brainy, I want something exsmurfing to smurf" "Yeah so do I Papa. I mean we have an asmurfing villiage but still. Three Females. One is an old hag, one is a stupid smurfin brat, and there is the hot Smurfette! I'd smurf anything to marry her" Then all of a sudden, a giant monster truck smurfed in and destroyed most of the smurf villiage. It was Gargamel and Azrael. Then, they drive away with papa's universal travel watch with Smurfette. Papa Smurf then saw a couple of wepons smurfing out of Gargamel's truck. The wepons were smurfed sized luckily for some reason, then the smurfs, including Baby eached grabbed a wepon and a Universal travel car. As they went away, they didn't notice a giant smurf smurfing out of a hole. "Must warn smurfs!" Said the giant smurf.

Chapter 1: Smurfs return to NY

Chapter 2: Return of the Dark Smurf

Chapter 3: Forrest Gump vs the smurfs

Chapter 4: Papa Smurf devises a plan.

Chapter 5: The BIG small FINALE!


  • This unlike the other movie, comics or cartoon replaces a lot of words with smurf, more then anything else. Example sentences are "Holy Smurf!" of "I'll smurf your tail!"

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