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Smurfs 2
|<Attention! The creator of this page wishes for YOU to add an image. Anyone is therfore permitted to do so. Just use the "Add Photo" button to get an image and add it to this page. Images can be CGI or animated. Please add some images!> The Smurfs 2 is my fan-made sequel to the new Smurf movie. Please add an image.


Jokey Smurf is disguised as Don Smurfo to trick Nanny Smurf into taking an exploding present. Papa Smurf warns Nanny not to take the present, unmasking Jokey. Jokey is angry that his prank has been ruined, so he plans to prank Papa.

Papa finds an undisovered page in his spell book (the one from the 2011 movie). While testing the spell, he finds out that it is a future-predicting spell. It shows him Clumsy falling into a dark abiss, Jokey holding an exploding present, and Smurfette trapped in a magical cage.

Papa Smurf goes to the forbidden grotto to test out the spell again. Once there, he finds Jokey, who is putting firecrackers in boxes for an exploding present. Papa confronts him, and Jokey falls over the cliff, but he manages to grab ahold of the ledge. Smurfette sees this and hurries to tell the other Smurfs. They all help Jokey, though Clumsy additionally falls over the ledge.

The Smurfs don't know what to do. Brainy figures that Papa might have a spell to save Clumsy, which he does. But the spell messes up and the Smurfs are transported to an undiscovered part of the Enchanted Forest. They manage to find Clumsy, who survived the fall, but they are angry to find out that he found a magic lamp and that he will never share it. Smurfette romantically persuades him to share it. After the Smurfs make wishes all day long, Papa Smurf wishes to meet the genie.

The genie is Genie Meanie from the old TV show. Although he was nice and gleefully granted the Smurfs' other wishes, he becomes mad becuase he had not wanted to reveal himsellf, yet he had to grant Papa's wish. He listens to Smurfette's wish for a unicorn, and he gives her a man disguised as a unicorn. Smurfette sees right through the disguise and complains, but hearing her complaints only makes Genie Meanie angrier.

The Smurfs leave, but Clumsy makes one last wish: for Smurfette to marry him. Genie Meanie can find no harm in that wish, so he refuses to grant it, but he has no choice but to grant it. When he does so, he thinks that the other Smurfs will angrily fight Clumsy for Smurfette's heart. But they fear that Smurfette will reject them, and, plus, they do not believe that Smurfette will accept a mariage to Clumsy anyway, but, much to their suprise, Smurfette gladly agrees to marry Clumsy, saying that she has always loved both Clumsy and Grouchy.

Grouchy does not object ("I hate mariage!"). However, he does agree to Papa's annonoucement: the Smurfs must ignore Genie Meanie. The now-married couple Smurfette and Clumsy agree as well, and the rest of the Smurfs are happy to leave. Genie Meanie loses his lamp, meaning that all of the wishes will backfire soon.

The Smurfs try to get the lamp before Genie Meanie can. Clumsy jumps over a canyone to get it, while Smurfette is trapped in a magical cage. Jokey arrives in an exploding present, using his Don Smurfo sword to free Smurfette. However, he is caught in the explosion anyway, so his friends feel that he sacrifised himself to save them. Meanwhile, Papa doesn't think that Clumsy will make it to the other side of the canyon, but he does.

Clumsy grabs the lamp and Grouchy destroys it. Genie Meanie can't grant wishes anymore, and he is soon sucked in the broken lamp. The Smurfs all get what they want: Papa creates a magic lamp; Smurfette decides to stop marrying Clumsy; ditto for Clumsy; Brainy figures out the way that wishes work and he magically turns himself into a famous star; Grouchy manages to keep the secret that he loves things; Jokey gives an exploding present to Papa.

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