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"The Smurfs and the Foxfire" is a Smurfs fanfiction story that takes place in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series. It is an adaptation of the cartoon show episode "The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No."

Plot Summary

The Firefly Festival is approaching and the Smurfs decorate the village for the festivities. Hero is unable to participate as he's undergoing heavy training in his training chamber; so Wonder keeps an eye on the village as Guardian. Meanwhile, a Smurf by the name of Pushover, who struggles to say No, is peer-pressured into doing his fellow Smurfs work for them with no Smurf giving him a 'Thank You' for his assistance. Wonder notices and intervenes to help Pushover.

Pushover is later peer-pressured by Panicky into traveling to the Great Swamp to acquire the Foxfire, but is unaware of the Marsh Monster. Wonder accompanies him in hopes to somehow break Pushover's inability of saying No.

The Story


  • "I'm A Lady" -- sung by Wonder and Smurfette during Firefly Festival celebration.

Possible Voice Cast



  • Fergus and Dempsey replace Farmer and Tracker in this version of the story as the two Smurfs helping Handy with the stage.
  • Panicky replaces Scaredy in this version of the story.
  • Pushover's characterization in the story is loosely based on A Heroic Smurf, who himself had to deal with being a pushover from a young age to early adulthood, but has since learned to stand his ground and say No when others try to take advantage.